Hello everyone, you will find on this website, all relevant information for the RGV 250, manuals, tutorials, discussion forum and a shop soon and links effective partners.
The goal is to provide the largest number of ente you a maximum amount of information.
Indeed, you can find everything and anything on the net about this little bomb!
The goal is to support the team and the two stages to allow fans to share their passion.
Yes gentlemen, owners of four times, the two stages is not dead!
And views of the few mines discomfited r6, cbr, gsxr Hearing a noise at time 2 traffic lights that turn to watch the "box to 50" Pfff ... they say a two-time (no hello nothing !) and the light turns green ....
RGV in the hand wheel, the driver was clenching on the clutch to avoid ending up on the back ... there he said: "it works a lot like this thing!?" then the front wheel regains contact with the ground and the bike flew into the towers, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th .... "uh maybe I should think about speeding up" says the guy .... but RGV is already in the 190km/h...6ème..215km/h the gap is already too large for the 600 catches are late .....! The next time he sees a two weather will be careful!
Two-time passionate and beautiful mechanics take the time to visit this site.
Result in French championship 2014
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