Story of member
Complete description of the machine
Machine 1:
VJ22 RGV 250 1991
Motor (Preparation):
Polis transfer, valve Cougard, SAPC modified bell ignition lighter preparation airbox (Fresh air intake half-forced)
Arrow Exhaust Special GP (Model with big body)
-Hyperpro fork spring.
Estimated weight-115/120kg
Front: 110x70x17 Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa
Rear: 150x60x17 Pirelli Dragon Supercorsa
Gem-one is a member of the team and co-founder of it.
He started on a 50cc Phoenix Kitte METRAKIT that always shake the cubes it crossed I assure you ... if 160k / h on his 70cc scares. In short after he threw it are reserved on a ZXR750 RR motorcycle legend but a little heavy for his taste.
It will purchase the latest R6 connaitrera a good few hours of track and off the track with a memorable ..... fall in trying to pass before the scourge .... poor fool!
It will eventually give up on 4 times to return to the first love, sports shoes ... no kidding, the two stages.
As a pilot it is smooth and fast, unfortunately not enough on retention. Allowing us to attend 0 runway excursions worthy of a lover of the countryside!