Story of the membre
Complete description of the machines
Founding member and webmaster of this site, I'm primarily a fan of motorcycles, and two time RGV250 particular.
Always a fan of this bike I am an Unconditional love of mechanics and the two-time smoker ... (and smelly)
I bought my RGV 250 there are now 5 years.
I just finished my project RGV250 full track.
Basically you take a RGV250 drive, you remove all that useless, counter, loop back brake .... (just kidding)
You go up a new engine and just typed.
And roll my chicken for a new season!
Ready to do battle with the big cube asthmatic!
Make a classic endurance race (one day when I win the lottery and euromillion, yes both at the same time!)
Machine 1:
VJ22 RGV 250 1991
Motor (Preparation):
Polis transfer, valve Cougard, SAPC modified bell ignition lighter preparation airbox (Fresh air intake half-forced)
Arrow Exhaust Special GP (Model with big body)
-Hyperpro fork spring.
Estimated weight-115/120kg
Front: 110x70x17 Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa
Rear: 150x60x17 Pirelli Dragon Supercorsa

Machine 2:
RGV 250 VJ22 1991
Motor (Preparation):
EMC damping
Front: 110x70x17 Pirelli Dragon Supercorsa
Rear: 150x60x17 Pirelli Dragon Supercorsa