Story of the team and rgv 250
Created 10 years ago, the team GTRT is present in the world of time for the two four recent times include the power is not everything!
To rise as fast, a quick temper, a featherweight.
All these terms characterize the 2-stroke and the bike trail!
The RGV 250 is an exceptional motorcycle derived directly from the paddock.
Many young people have tried it enabled and have unfortunately folded these dream for adults not very wise. (See not!)
Many people know this bike with its engine, which Suzuki has sold to power its aprilia RS250.
Contrary to the myth that endures, the RS250 is not more powerful than the RGV250.
The differences lie mainly at the air box and electronic management (The SAPC), Aprilia engineers have decided, at the time of making the engine less explosive and more exploitable.De result, they modified the transmition final lengthening it a bit. (explaining in part the myhte the most powerful RS250)
Indeed, their stated goal at that time was to make a street bike and not a supersport bike track.
Here's what diférencie two sisters who are still very close in performance. (Make no mistake, the RS250 is a motorcycle madness that has a chassis rigiditée impressive)
In short, to be sure you obtain one of these critters very difficult and tamable regoignez us to prove to the world today that two time remains the ultimate weapon on track!